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Comfort, confidence and clarity at your fingertips . We like to think of our PAX Era Pod lineup as the “art” in smart cannabis vaping. offers discounts and special offers for the military, first responders, students and many more communities. This potent concentrate should leave you cooled and calmed down, but you might feel dried out during the peak of the high. UK Cheese | Indica | 80% – 90% THC | A calming high: designed to relax your body. PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTE CANNABIS. PAX Era Pods UK Hand-crafted oil for high-end hardware. You may find raising the pod from the device slightly is helpful. Subtotal: Ghosties move faster on each level.You start with five lives. Buy Float THC Pax Era Pod Level UK Online. Era will confirm the reset by displaying a counter-clockwise green swirl indication. If you've set a custom temperature through the app, it will be displayed on the LEDs between the High default temperature setting and the Low default temperature setting. The TSA is not looking to bust you for weed. PAX Era pods were designed to hold up to .5 grams. Sporting a longer battery life than the original PAX Era, as well as a streamlined design, the Era Pro delivers better vapor in a shorter time. Returning cannabis veteran? The X-shaped light will pulse white, indicating that the device is ready for use. The PAX Era is designed for easy loading and discreet usage of cannabis oil. This is the pod only – For use with the Pax Era. Patent: Four solid LEDs mean your battery is 100% charged. You can find a retailer near you using our Store Locator. Watch in real-time as you progress through your session Has four temperature settings and pods are not available online but, rather, have to be obtained from a local retailer. There are a few more things, Morton said. 4.1 30. Swipe up or down to Fine Tune adjust by 1 degree increments. Within the app's Settings screen, you can adjust the LEDs brightness using the slider. When Era needs to be charged, all LEDs blink red 3 times before the device powers down. Depending on how much control over your experience you prefer, there are times you may want to meter your session usage as you become more familiar with PAX Era. Enjoy free 2-day shipping on orders $50 or more until 11:59 PST 12/16. Highlights LEVEL's Float PAX Era Pod is an indica-powered vape cartridge loaded with a cheesy skunk flavor. , Love this sleek product photography, best flower vape on the market! As you adjust the slider, the LED will blink to confirm your selection. Micro USB Charge Cable. STEP 2 Draw from the mouthpiece to initiate your session. Only available on Google Play. Pax Era. PAX name, logo and tag lines are trademarks of PAX Labs, Inc. Your cart is empty. Pro Tip: It's not necessary to fully remove the pod from the device to enter Temp Set Mode. I don't smoke joints anymore. All this to say your last puff tastes just as good as the first. Terms & Conditions, PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTE CANNABIS. The PAX 3 is discrete yet powerful, versatile yet easy to use. Just pick it up and take a puff to wake it up. To learn more about the offers and benefits of, or for company information, please visit, our FAQ page, or our About page. Their medical cannabis oil is sold in pre-filled vape cartridges which are labeled and sold as 0.5 g (500 ml) but are actually a bit closer to a full gram, weighing in at about 750 mg. In the UK it is 2. You get another life for every fourth ghosty you eat, indicated by a ghosty-colored blink for every four ghosties eaten so far (e.g. Show all. $52 is pretty cheap, and I'm thinking about picking one up today. You can also sign up by visiting PAX Era has a limited one-year warranty but costs significantly less than PAX 2 and PAX 3, around $60, depending on where you order it. LEDs pulse Red after the first incorrect entry.The game starts with a random sequence of three petals (level 3). Test your memory with the classic game first introduced in PAX 1.Device pulses the four PAXsays colors in a clockwise swirl to indicate game entry.A round in the game consists of the device lighting up three or more petals (one at a time) in a random sequence, after which the user must reproduce that sequence by holding PAX 3 level with the ground (lights facing up) and then tilting the device so that the petal they want to light goes down (it's as if you're pushing down on the petal you want to light). Why is everyone always asking when 4 is coming out? To enter Game Modes without the app: Slowly roll the device horizontally, three times. Is safe to use? An individual session is measured through a series of consecutive petal indications. (NOTE: If your PAX Era vaporizer is brand new, it may need to be charged prior to use.) LEDs pulse white if the user does this correctly. The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but unlike other cartridges which only use single ended wicks causing them to dry out quickly, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities. For the Pax 3 + Pax Era/Era Pro owners, do you find yourselves using them equally? PAX Labs has built a reputation over the years for creating top-quality products. If you plan to store your PAX Era for awhile, we recommend removing the pod and ensuring your device is significantly charged. It uses pods that are pre-filled by … , Ugh. The PAX Era is a sleek and compact pod vape designed for use with concentrates like cannabis oil. Avoid the ghosties (other colored petals) until you get the power up (white petal). The THC levels in this pax era pod maxes out at about 90%. When not in active use the LEDs will remain dark. We love everything about this chic + discrete Stealth Mode! Other Era pod components include gold plated brass, the nichrome heater and cotton batting to absorb condensation. You can find this offer and everything else at ♥️, Love my Pax3. If anyone ever asks (no one has ever asked me), just say it's a nicotine vape. The float thc pax era pod consist of a high indica cannabis oil and associates with the UK Cheese strain. How? The device offers an effortless way to vape oil while carefully controlling the temperature, flavor, and potency. They hold CBD, Hybrid, Indica or Sativa oil (a marijuana-infused e-juice), and they are made from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure consumer safety. If you're using the PAX app you may want to enable Child Lockout. Eating a ghosty advances you to the next level. A petal is added to the sequence every time the user correctly reproduces the sequence generated by the device.Shaking the device repeatedly restarts the game. To use a PAX Era extract vaporizer without the app, simply follow these instructions: Insert your Namaste PAX Era Pod (e.g. Play games on the device's LED display: "Simon" "PAX Man" and "Spin the PAX". Devices may require charging out of the box before using for the first time. US and International Patents Pending. Swiping left or right gives you a Quick Adjust and will decrease or increase the temperature range setting by 10 degree increments. Pax era has been around in the cannabis space and we’ve been run for over ten years. Happy Sticks Pax Era Pods UK. It’s practically the width of a pen, making it easy to slip into your pocket or a small purse. PAX Era pods are available in more than 250 strains from more than 50 extract partners. Buy Pax Era UK. Buy Here. Only you can change that. Once your credential is verified, you will immediately receive your offer. Different retailers offer different opportunities – just for being you. Era automatically adjusts vapor delivery based on the strength of your pull. The indicator light will pulse white, meaning the device is ready for use. If you accept this processing, please click "Accept". To enter Temp Set Mode, first shake the device then remove the Era pod. Click on the image of your Era in the app to open the Temperature Range selection. Once you've selected your temperature, Era will confirm back by pulsing the selection's matching LED indication. 2 ghosty-colored blinks means you just beat level 8 and got another life). Get help from the PAX Pros by email and by chat on our support page during our hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm PST. Who Is Eligible? For more information about Era pods, visit an Era retailer. Yes, several times. Their latest creation is one of the top-selling vaporizers in the UK of 2020. You are the yellow petal. The Pod tank (in contact with the oil) is designed using all food grade plastics. PAX Era pods are meant to be disposed of once empty. Review. $0, Military members receive 20% off with, You can receive discounts, cashback and many more exclusive offers while shopping online by verifying your eligibility with You can expect an easygoing night on the couch out of this buzz. Four red LED's indicate the High default temp setting. The Pax Era, their latest release, quickly became a success. Set your desired session size on the App, available on Google Play, and watch in real-time as you progress through your session. Enjoy free 2-day shipping on orders over $50 until 11:59 PST on 12/16. Reinsert the pod when you see your desired setting indicated. Two yellow LED's indicate the Med-Low default temp setting. Evans called his pax era office, but Heather asked for leave today. To assure personal and property safety, never charge your PAX device below 41°F (5°C) or above 113°F (45°C). Actual volume may vary by concentrate and location. The indicator light will pulse blue, meaning the device is disconnected. This Indica at 80% – 90% THC is designed to relax your body. Exiting PAXsays with the app or by pulling out the pod pauses the game. I am in love with @paxvapor You're the best then all the rest , The best I take my pax to all places! Pax Era UK-The PAX conduction oven heats your cannabis flower gently and evenly so there’s little waste 22-second heat-up time for on-demand vaping Temperature settings so you can achieve your ideal combination of flavor and vapor Vibration notifications tell you when you can vape so there’s no guessing I demonstrate how you can save money by refilling your Pax Era Pods instead of buying new ones. INTRODUCING SESSION CONTROL™ EXCLUSIVELY FOR PAX ERA. Fahrenheit: Low: 520, Med-Low: 610, Med-High: 700, High: 790, Celcius: Low: 270ºC, Med-Low: 320, Med-High: 370, High: 420. PAXspin can be played however you want.A single shake left or right sends the brightest petal spinning at a speed based on the max acceleration seen. The price will also depend on whether it’s a blend of various flowers of a … It equally tastes like berries with undertones of spicy cheese. The Era is a … You can use position of the stopped brightest petal in any number of homemade games, e.g. Era automatically adjusts vapor delivery based on the strength of our pull . Three orange LED's indicate the Med-High setting. Attempting to refill Era pods will cause leaking and may cause damage to your device not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty. No, this program is only for eligible members. We recommended that you keep your device in a protective case to ensure it stays clean and safe. Like the Era Pro, the PAX 3 model connects to the PAX App, which can be used on desktop or downloaded for Android, and lets users customize temperatures and vapor outputs, and control flavor profiles. Similar items. employs technology that can detect fraudulent use across accounts and reserves the right to revoke access/membership from anyone abusing the terms of usage. PAX Labs Inc. has sold empty Era pods various fillers in select states, which fill the pods with herbal extracts at their discretion. Lastly, you can read more about the benefits and security that provides as it relates to identity management as well as the NSTIC Identity Management Pilot we are involved in by visiting the NSTIC website. From shop TheCheebaChica. No, you may receive a message inviting you to opt in to relevant communications, but you are not required or automatically signed up for these newsletters. Era Device Interaction: Low Battery Indication, Era Device Interaction: Pod Detection Indication. If Child Lockout is enabled, PAX Era will not heat when attempting to puff from the device and will instead show a counter-clockwise red LED animation. Designed to look and feel just like a conventional pod mod, this device is discreet, portable and unbelievably easy to get the hang of in no time. Session usage metering will reset to zero 30 minutes after your last puff or if manually reset. PAX’s journal and social communities offer insider news and helpful information. We process personal information, including by placing cookies and other tracking software, for certain legitimate purposes, including enhancement of the services we provide. RADICAL TRANSPARENCY Discover the oil profile, state-regulated test results, and more, of your favorite pods with PodID™ in the Android mobile app. Solid white LEDs indicate charge level complete. All reservations are fulfilled by licensed dispensaries, as facilitated by Jane. Set your desired session size: choose from micro to large . But, I have a Pax 3 that I use pretty regularly. Beginning of a Pod Revolution: The Pax Era is a revolutionary pod system for your vaping preferences. It’s available in a wide range of colours, and it comes with a number of accessories to customize your vaping experience. Support and contact information for is available 24/7 via our Help Center. Having Trouble? Storing PAX Era for an extended amount of time (a month or longer) with a low battery may make it difficult to regain battery functionality when you're ready to use it again. Pax vaporizer for sale in this Pax era pod store passes through enormous screening, test and accredited labs just like any other vape. Happy Sticks Pax Era Pods UK is a magnificent piece of technology for an irresistable Indica haze. Can I Provide My Discount To Non-Eligible Friends? Blue LED's sweep upward when pod is removed. Last year it launched the Pax Era, a very nice little cartridge-based weed vape with a few deeply annoying flaws. The Era Pro features on-demand draw and closed-loop temperature control along with longer battery life and 50% better Bluetooth range than the …

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